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Let's talk bathroom design.

Updated: Apr 4

A beautifully elegant bathroom design with calm and neutral tones

When considering which areas to invest your money into when it comes to your home, or even what project you want to tackle next, it can feel overwhelming. You may focus your attention towards the living area, the bedroom or the kitchen as those are the spaces guests pay attention to, but are you neglecting your bathroom?

Do you find yourself leaving this room at the bottom of the priority list?

Interior design in the bathroom is key because it can help you make the most out of your space. In particular, UK bathrooms tend to be smaller and more compact, but that doesn’t mean they should be devalued, in fact a bathroom can be a really inspiring space.

In general, it’s the first room you enter at the start of each day and the last stop before your bedroom at night. Creating a bathroom that does the morning rush and the evening unwind are both reasons why you should consider informed bathroom design for your home.

At NSD we have designed many bathrooms, from high end, luxury marble finishes to living moss walls set against black & white marble pillar sinks. We take bathrooms from ordinary to extraordinary. There are so many options on the market for tiles, suites and finishes it can easily become overwhelming to know where to begin.

Firstly, make sure you are optimising the space you have correctly. Do you prefer showers to baths? Don't over-cram a bathroom with a shower and a bath if you are not somebody who likes to bathe. Enjoy and utilise the space with a much bigger walk-in shower if this is the case.

Biophilic bathroom design, bringing the outdoors in

Storage is another aspect to consider and is something that is different for each person and their requirements. Adding storage niches into walls for shampoo and body wash is a great idea, but it will impose on your space so only opt for this if you have room to do so. We prefer hidden storage solutions, such as an integrated bathroom cabinet or an under sink vanity to keep the bathroom essentials neatly out of sight.

Those are the practical elements out of the way, now for the fun part! Design a bathroom with the same thought process you would apply to your living room or bedroom. Do you want a strong accent colour? If so, consider a bespoke concrete sink, Elle and James have some fabulous designs with a wide selection of colours to choose from. Or would you prefer something spa like? Utilise textural tiles and mix & match your tile choices to create some fun variation in your bathroom.

Why not change up your shower screen? Opt for reeded or smoked glass to give additional colour and texture, pairing with on trend matt black sanitaryware and brass accents.

marble bathroom with brass accents, luxury bathroom design

If you would like any more tips on how to create your dream bathroom drop us an email at or give us a call on 01794 330907, we can then set up a complimentary consultation with our founder Nick Snow to kick your design journey off!

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