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Maximizing Your Kitchen Space with an Interior Designer's Expertise

The Kitchen is one of the most heavily used spaces in the home, investing in the right appliances, spatial layout and design details can feel overwhelming. NSD Studio is here to unpack the finer details and get to the core of what is important in your kitchen.

Timeless Vs Trends:

From a simple cupboard door update to a full blown renovation, tapping into trends or keeping things timeless is a huge decision. At NSD we bridge the gap, creating kitchen designs that you will love today, tomorrow and in years to come. The key is to take elements from the latest interior trends, moulding them to suit your personal taste and requirements. For example, deep, rich blues and greens used for kitchen cabinetry has been huge in 2022 and is set to continue this year. If this isn't 100% your style, why not try using deeper colours for the base units and keeping any wall units and worktops fresh with a complementary neutral. Incorporating trends with timeless design underpinned is the way to create a space with longevity.

There are many retail kitchen stores out there that are able to sell you your dream kitchen however have they really thought about the rest of your home and how it will flow together? Have they considered your lifestyle and what is really important to you? As an interior designer it is our job to not only create beautiful spaces but to enhance your lifestyle within your home. Over the years many clients have come to me with a clear vision on what they think they want their new kitchen to look like, only for the end result to be completely different because of many factors they had not considered. Renovating your kitchen can be one of the highest priced item on your renovation list and can ultimately be the most costly mistake if you get it wrong! Careful planning and consideration is key yet it can be very overwhelming with all of the options available to you and you may struggle to know what direction to go in. Thats where utilising the expertise of an interior designer will help you and save you making accidental mistakes on your kitchen choices. Nick Snow BIID

The kitchen island, something a lot of us want, right? The question is, do you have room? Typically a kitchen island should make up around 10% of your overall kitchen space, this is to allow for the island to not only be large enough on a practical scale but also to look right from an aesthetic point of view. Kitchen islands increase both counter and storage space, in turn creating the perfect hub for social gatherings and catch-ups at the end of the working day.

However, as a rule of thumb we wouldn't suggest adding a kitchen island into your space unless you have between 105cm-125cm of open space to surround the island. Putting an island in a space narrower than this can decrease the usability of your kitchen and create a claustrophobic feel.

If like many the thought of additional storage, dining and socialising space is music to your ears but the reality of the space you have doesn't quite allow an island, why not look into the option of a peninsula. A peninsula connects to existing kitchen cabinets and worktops, acting as an extension, for this reason a peninsula does not require space the full way around it, unlike a kitchen island. Thus, meaning if space is a premium this could be the solution for you!

A kitchen island is a statement piece to any kitchen so I would always recommend treating it like the crown jewels! I love to make a statement with an island so often opt for oversized lighting above. It is the star of the show after all! Whilst nailing the overall look is important, the key areas to consider is practicality. Think about where you will generally stand to prepare your food and add pull out bins underneath that way it is so simple to dispose of your leftovers without causing any mess on the floor! I also prefer deep drawers over cupboards, I think they are easier to access and you don't have random tupperware hidden at the back that you forget is even there! You may want to consider adding an undercounter freezer in your island too, it's perfect for those summer months where you need extra space for ice cream and BBQ food! Nick Snow BIID

Spend your budget wisely when it comes to kitchen appliances...

First, start by thinking about the kitchen appliances you use on a daily basis, then a weekly, then a monthly basis and then finally those appliances that make their famous yearly appearance! This will help with deciding which appliances you may want on a countertop, if any at all and if there are any that have seen better days or are not getting their intended usage. Integral appliances can be expensive, so first looking at what you really need is crucial, however, incorporating appliances into the design of your kitchen can actually increase their usefulness and accessibility; no more hiding the microwave in a drawer!

If the idea of starting your kitchen renovation is still overwhelming and you are worried about making design mistakes then why not get in touch and see what packages we have to offer that may just help you save money in the long term!

You can contact the team today at or phone us on 01794330907.

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