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What does Design Management mean at NSD Studio?

Let's break down the main points of our Design Management service so you can see what the NSD Studio team get up to whilst your project is underway!

Product Board

Technical specifications:

Technical specifications help the NSD Studio team keep your project accurate and smooth running, the following fall under the technical specification umbrella:

paint requirements, wallpaper placement, skirting and coving specifications, door and handle placements, furniture positioning, window dressing placements and lighting plans. Let's look a these areas in closer detail...

1) NSD Studio team to begin producing elevations for each wall in your project.

This is to help any contractors, such as builders & carpenters understand the technicalities of the design clearly. This is a great opportunity for you to see a more technical side of your project.

2) NSD Studio team to begin producing lighting plans for each area in your project.

This is to help any contractors, such as electricians understand the different types of lighting and their placement. This helps the studio team out by minimising errors on site.

3) NSD Studio team to begin producing a decorating specification for each area in your project.

This is to help any contractors, such as painters & decorators understand the design vision clearly and concisely. This document type is a great way for you to keep track of important, key design aspects such as paint colours.

Product Specification

Decorating Specification

Behind the scenes logistics:

Whilst all of the above is under way our NSD Operations team are hard at work instructing contractors, liaising with project managers, purchasing FF&E and prepping for the final project installation.

4) NSD Operations team to begin liaising with contractors and project managers.

This step is vital in the progression of your project; finding the right contractor for the right job is of utmost importance. We have a pool of trusted, skilled contractors to contact. We take time and care sourcing new companies & contractors to work alongside.

5) NSD Operations team to begin the purchasing & management of all FF&E deliverables for the project. This phase is when things start to get really exciting! The team ensure all deliveries are timely and smooth, we quality check all goods and update the ledger accordingly.

6) NSD Studio team to bring the project together with installation & styling.

This is the moment you have been waiting for, the installation and styling of your beautiful, new space. All hands on dec are required here with the full NSD Studio team involved to bring the design vision to life.

At NSD Studio we aim for the Design Management stage to be exciting, informative and most importantly stress free. The above stages make this possible and bring you the space you have always dreamed of without any of the stresses that can sometimes come along with an Interior Design project.

Enquire here if you would like to take a step in starting your bedroom design journey with NSD Studio.

Blog post written by NSD Studio

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