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                   to our Project Portfolio page at NSD Interior Design Studio, where creativity meets functionality in every corner. Here, you'll embark on a visual journey through our meticulously curated residential and commercial projects, each telling its own unique story of space, design, and innovation. From the intimacy of bespoke homes to the dynamic energy of commercial spaces, NSD Studio crafts environments that reflect our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and the unique personality of each client. Explore our portfolio to see how we blend aesthetics with practicality, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and highly functional.


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Dive deeper into the world of bespoke interior design with NSD Studio by exploring our comprehensive range of services. On our website, we've laid out a detailed panorama of what we offer, from conceptual design to the final touches that make a space truly yours. Whether you're seeking to transform your residential abode into a haven of comfort and luxury or to infuse your commercial space with creativity and functionality, our services are tailored to meet your every need. 

By clicking here, you'll be guided through our process, our approach to sustainability, and the unique creativity we bring to every project. Discover how NSD Studio can bring your vision to life, with expertise and care at every step.


NSD studio is excited to offer a rendered preview of an exquisite residential luxury Interior Design project that's on the horizon. Focused on delivering an unparalleled living experience, this project will showcase bespoke luxury, tailored to the refined tastes and individual lifestyles of our discerning clients.  

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Georgian Home, Chesham

Working closely with our private client in Chesham to complete a whole home redesign. The works on this project continues however the Primary Bathroom & Primary Shower room have been completed.

These two spaces bode a huge amount of natural light allowing the design process to be even more of a joy. Keeping the two spaces linked with accents of brass and azure blue tiling has kept them in unison in the best possible way. NSD bespoke window treatments take this space to the next level and give the NSD signature edge. The brief was to create pure opulence with honed individuality, giving our client the utmost luxury to begin their everyday in.

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 10.51.24.png





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